Second Gin Test

Second Gin Test

Soil Moisture Sensor

Second Gin Test

Hopefully I can overcome the problems I had the first time by turning down the sensitivity of the receiver.

I used the same setup as last time, but changed one part of the test. This time I recorded the frequency before and after I put the gin on the sensor. Before I put gin on the sensor, the frequency was 37.1MHz. after putting gin on the sensor it was 36.6MHz. Not much of a shift.

The room temperature was measured every half hour and it stayed at 20 degrees.

This may not look like much, but it would be a cause for a drink of gin if I hadn’t used it in testing.

Frequency increases as you look left to right on the picture. Time goes forward as you go down the picture.

What this picture shows is the frequency slowly increasing over time, as the gin evaporates.


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